About Brand

The Feeling

Is spreading us during our life as one of the most important part of our being. Fashion is not just a dress, it's about how you feel about it. And remembering how you felt, will stay in you forever. My dream is to give you a feeling of uniqueness, comfort and lightness.

The priority of my work is high-quality material, comfortable trimming and perfect elaboration - to make my models wear with ease and joy.
In my work I love the whole process from idea through material selection to detailed sewing process. In my models, you'll find the femininity, colors and patterns, but at the same time I try to keep some purity and simplicity in them.

Eva Beňová brand carries in the sense of Slow fashion, as the only and possible solution to return to fashion world its beauty and value. I am using natural material, creating timeless pieces that have a high proportion of manual work. All products are made in Slovakia. It is important for me to make every member of the production process happy, so he can transfer his positive energy into the work. 

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